[Fab] MaxNC Limit "Screws"

Thomas Mouton thomas.mouton at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 08:39:57 UTC 2013

Hi Fab

I am familiarizing myself with the shop in preparation for doing some wood
work and small metal fab.  After my first visit to the space, I was happy
to find that some tools work!

Two anchor screws protrude from the MaxNC Mill Base about a a foot from the
centerline of the mill and it seems that the table and Y stepper motor
easily run afoul of them.  Is this intended as some sort of hard limit?  I
worry that the screws will tear out a control wire running to the stepper
motors or worse.

I notice that the tailstock handwheel on the current, yellow lathe has seen
some hard times. Its wobbly and seems to have been glued together.  Are
there any public domain lathe tools if I wanted to make a new one? What is
the status of the green mini lathe in the corner? Is it possible to loot it
for parts?

Alex Mouton
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