[German] RSVP for tonight's German lesson - 7-8:30 as usual- last week & this (plan)

Charlotte powerfrau99 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 25 21:31:48 UTC 2009

Hallo Alle,

Continuing with some intro in the beginning and more advanced stuff towards the end....from last time, and building upon this  material today...

**For the intro level, we have verbs and more verbs!
basic regular present tense verbs:
spielen, kommen, finden, suchen, singen, bringen, gehen etc.

**used with pronouns (in the nominative-used as a subject!) 
I (ich) 
you (du)
he (er) 
she (sie) 
it (es) 

we (wir)
You all (ihr)
they (sie,pl)
you -formal (Sie)

Asking simple opinions
Ich finde....
Wie findest du____________?

**review of greetings last time

**Add a few irregular present tense verbs today, like verbs that change vowels: schlafen, essen, lesen, fahren, tragen
Similar to English verbs like, I go, he goes...

**Use of "gern" 

**to have and to be-
(Useful and new for beginners, review for intermediate/advanced)

****Conversational past tense - basic review last time
****Review of conversational past tense this evening- a bit more in depth
  --a few patterns for conversational past tense forms 
(ge___t, ge___en, ____t, ____en, ieren verbs  

****Gemeinsames Lesen ueber das Internetz

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