[German] Couch surfing host wanted

Uwe Geuder noisebridge-ugeuder at snkmail.com
Fri May 13 15:42:56 UTC 2011

Hi everybody!

As recommended by Mitch Altman I forward my shameless begging message
to the noisebridge-german list and also cc the noisebridge-discuss
list. Most recipients of the latter list might not be interested in
the German stuff. So please just ignore that part and we have to come
up with another compensation.

Btw that dates would be ~ May 19 - May 26.



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From: Uwe Geuder <noisebridge-ugeuder at snkmail.com>
Date: 13 May 2011 03:14
Subject: German in S.F.
To: maltman23 at hotmail.com


I just found your pages about your German learning group at
Noisebridge.  As a native German I found this pretty cool and wish you
the best success with your efforts!

Actually, the reason why I was visiting noisebridge site was that I
was investigating about reasonably priced or even free accommodation
possibilities in S.F. (well anything close less than a mile walking
distance from a BART station will do)

I'm thinking about attending MeeGo Conf in S.F. later this
month. Being a starving hacker for the time being, the flight would be
expensive enough, and I'd rather avoid to spend a lot of money on

Elements Hostel was already recommended to me on IRC. Doesn't look too
bad, but reading the reviews and looking at
http://bedbugregistry.com/metro/sf/ I'd guess the probability of
getting bed bugs is some 70% - 90%. I know you can get them even at
Hilton and they won't kill you, but still the effort to avoid bringing
them home or even having to fight them leater for several months later
does not really encourage me...

To make a long story short, do you think anybody would be willing to
let me couch surf in exchange for some support/help with learning
German?  Of course my time in S.F. will be limited but I can be
also available later via Skype and IRC. I'm not a professional language
teacher, but having lived abroad and speaking 3.5 foreign languages
myself, I think I have quite some background on studying languages.

Also other low-budget ideas you might have are highly welcome.

Viele Grüße aus Finnland

Uwe Geuder

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