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Sean Fridman fridman at mail.sfsu.edu
Thu Oct 20 03:09:18 UTC 2011

I wasn't able to make the first one, but I like the gameplan! Hope to make
it next time. I also have a beginning German textbook I'd like to donate to
the space. It's structured like you mentioned, thematically, like "at the
restaurant" "train station" "whatever" so I think it might be of help.

- Sean

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 3:38 PM, Jacob Ervin <jacobkyle88 at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Hey everyone,
>  Thanks to everybody who made it to our first class/meetup. I think we
> came up with a good game plan for the group.
>  For those who weren't able to make it here's a quick rundown.
>  We agreed that one hour a week isn't enough to really help beginners,
> though it is handy for intermediate/experts to stay sharp. So in order to
> help beginners each week we will have an optional study theme to keep people
> busy in-between classes IE "At the restaurant", "Common words and phrases"
> or maybe topics such as gender or plurals in German.
>  It would also be nice for people to share any helpful links they find
> while studying on their own. We can add them to the Wiki as they get passed
> around the mailing list too. Here are some that where recommended last night
> that seem interesting.
>  1) - 100 most common words in written German. Seems like it would be a
> good foundation to know most of these.
> http://german.about.com/library/blwfreq_t50.htm
>  2) - Very good English/German dictionaries / grammar help
> http://dict.leo.org/?lp=ende&search=hello
> http://www.canoo.net/
>  3) - Word quiz game
> http://quizlet.com/subject/german/
>  Lucy had a very good recommendation for beginners; try reading
> German childrens books or watching childrens shows in German (If I find any
> good links Ill send them out).
>  Once the group gets rolling we talked about getting out of noisebridge
> once a month or so. Often it is possible to find German movies playing
> around town, or we could all go out to a german pub like Schroeders and
> practice there.
>  Again, this group is for students of all levels and we should have
> something for everyone. Personally I am beginning at a very low level and so
> most of the links I contribute will be focused at the simple end of the
> spectrum, however if you are more advanced feel free to post more
> interesting links. That Pirate movie that got passed around a few days ago
> was perfect.
>  My next email will be full Deutsch, promise :)
> Jacob
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