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A fun BBQ involving frisbee, slacklining over a mattress, foosball,
unicycling, ping pong and bocciball---and of course eating and
drinking, conversing with old friends and meeting new ones.

3pm onwards and upwards.

Bring drinks and food if you'd like, but no worries if not. Definitely
bring yourself.

414a Washington Blvd 94129.

Kind of near Inspiration Point in the center of the Presidio (google
maps sometimes places the pin on the far west side of the park which
is wrong)
Backs onto Piper Loop, which is where to park your car. I'm happy to
meet folks walking or biking in at the Arguello Gate to navigate the
trails to the house.


(Liebe Deutsche, wir sprechen bei diesem Party auf alle Sprachen:
Englisch, Deutsch und Slackisch.)

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