[ml] Tonight's Agenda? Stanford Lectures? Kaggle Comp?

Jared Dunne jareddunne at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 21:14:57 UTC 2010

Hi All-

Am I correct that we don't have any formal talks scheduled for tonight?

I assume some people will turn up anyways to work through the Stanford
lectures/problem-sets, no? If so, that's awesome, go for it!  Unfortunately,
I'm too far behind to participate in that myself.

Personally, I'm interested to meet tonight with anyone interested in doing
the Kaggle Social Network Analysis competition.  Is there anyone out there
interested?  There seemed to be interest last week, but I haven't heard from
anyone about it since.  Tonight, I'd like to brainstorm more and develop a
vague plan for how we tackle this if we are going to make an attempt

So for tonight's agenda, I'd propose that we can have an informal night with
different groups working on both kaggle comp and Stanford lectures in the
back classroom space.  If that's too much going on in the classroom, I'm
sure that we can relocate the competition brainstorming session somewhere
else in the NB space.


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