[Noisebridge-announce] This Friday: Noise Toy workshop, and Loud Objects show with Jib Kidder

Gian Pablo Villamil gian.pablo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 17:45:54 UTC 2009

This Friday, my friends Tristan Perich (http://www.tristanperich.com/)
and Lesley Flanigan (http://lesleyflanigan.com/) will be in town, and
having two events at Noisebridge.

First, at 6pm, they'll be hosting a Noise Toy workshop. They'll be
teaching anyone how to assemble their very own Noise Toy, a
microcontroller-based, programmable and controllable sound generating
device. The workshop finishes with a jam session of everyone's
completed toys. The workshop is free: if you want to take the Noise
Toy home,  a donation to cover cost of materials would be much
appreciated, estimated to be about $10 (might be less).

Here's a video of a workshop:

Afterwards, around 8pm, they'll be performing as Loud Objects
(http://loudobjects.com/) - assembling electronic circuits live on the
bed of an overhead projector. This is an intense, intriguing and LOUD
performance, you can watch the process as the circuit comes together
and starts producing ever more complex and chaotic sounds.

Finally, Jib Kidder (http://www.myspace.com/jibkidder) will play some
of his characteristic mind-blowing guitar solo/remix music.

Voluntary donations gratefully accepted!

I can't think of a series of activities more suited to the Noisebridge
ethos! Should be fun, instructive, and not too disruptive to other
activities in the space!

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