[Noisebridge-announce] Director Elections, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday Dec 8

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Nov 18 23:55:32 UTC 2009

Last night at the meeting, we agreed on the process outlined on this
wiki page:


Nominations are now open, and will close on December 1.  Elections are
tentatively scheduled for the 8th, a week later, to allow for absentee
ballots.  If you want to participate but can't come to an election on
the 8th or cast an absentee ballot during the previous week, please
speak up so we can work something out.  I'm going to consider the 8th
finalized unless I hear objections within a week.

Nominations are open!  Simply add your nominee's name here:


Please make sure they are willing to run.

Questions?  Read the wiki pages linked above.  After that, ask me or
another current board member.


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