[Noisebridge-announce] Maker Calendar Project

Laura Mappin laura at lauramappin.com
Sat Jul 3 20:52:42 UTC 2010

I'm working on a lighthearted project involving creative maker men with a
sense of humor.


I'm looking for a few more eager participants to be photographed for a
calendar doing their makerly thing while wearing a hunterly camo apron.


Expressing the wild, open, crazy positive sense of humor I see in maker
spaces full of smart geeky accomplished and accomplishing people is


If you like, check this out and contact me.



Feel free to forward this to others you think might be interested.



Laura Mappin



Laura Mappin

Laser Instructor/Evangelist/Artist

Textile Instructor/Artist

Eff Doily Artist (coming soon!)


Contact:  <http://www.lauramappin.com/contact>



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