[Noisebridge-announce] Anti SOPA/PIPA Rally in SF during Internet Strike Day Tomorrow

Tom noisebridge at flamsmark.com
Tue Jan 17 18:37:54 UTC 2012

Come out tomorrow to protest against SOPA and PIPA.

Tomorrow, Hackers and Founders are organizing a rally to protest against
PIPA and SOPA, two dangerous pieces of ostensibly anti-piracy legislation
which would allow the US government **and** private companies to censor
websites without any court's involvement, just by alleging that it includes
one pages of infringing links.

If this passes, the internet as we know it today would be impossible. No
wikis, no forums, no YouTube, and no GitHub. In fact, any site with
user-generated content would be impossible. These bills are a direct threat
to *global* freedom of speech, and the ability of people to go out an make
awesome stuff.

Please join us ***tomorrow*** at ***noon***,

near Joseph Alioto Performing Arts
Piazza<http://maps.google.com/maps?q=@37.779533,-122.417244>[ Fulton
and Larkin,
> San Francisco, CA (map<http://maps.google.com/maps?q=@37.779533,-122.417244>)
> ],
> with your very best non-violent protest shoes on,

to remind the government that they can't censor us without a fight.
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