[Noisebridge-announce] Noisebridgers teaching Workshop Weekend classes in Oakland this weekend, November 10th and 11th, 2012

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Wed Nov 7 21:20:47 UTC 2012

Hi Noisebridgers!

Lots of learning goes on in Noisebridge. Also I meet some really good
people through Noisebridge.

I met J.D. Zamfirescu at Noisebridge a few years ago at 83c*.
J.D. and his brother Gil now devote a lot of time to organizing Workshop
Weekend, which they created last year. J.D. and Gil labor tirelessly to
organize workshop weekend multiple times a year in Oakland, California.

The next Workshop Weekend is happening in Oakland this Saturday and Sunday
November 10th and 11th!
Workshop weekend is a weekend full of dozens of classes that you can take
for a single admission fee of $40.

Yes there are really dozens of classes! Everything from Cake Decorating to
soldering to Geiger counter building. Also including crochet lab, coffee
roasting, making vanilla, programming, aeroponics, making Lego Models, 3d
printing, and much much more. Kinda crazy all the classes that folks get to
take in a single workshop weekend.

Anyone can join in, just go to workshop weekend, sign up, and join the
classes that you want to take.

Rolf and I are teaching 3 workshops during the event.  All of our classes
are at the new Oakland hackerspace Sudo Room.

The first class I want to plug is the classic Learn to Solder --

Learn to Solder at Workshop Weekend:
Sunday Nov 11th, 10AM - 1230PM  Sudo Room, 2135 Broadway, Oakland
In this class you build an LED nametag or a 5x5 LED scrolling text badge
(there's a $20 fee for the kit). Both of these kits are a great
introduction to making cool things with microcontrollers. If you've been
waiting to take this class and learn to solder, now's the time. See more
about the 'Hi My Name is' LED nametag at

The next class is about detecting radiation:

Build a Mightyohm Geiger Counter kit:
Sunday Nov 11th, 5PM - 7PM  Sudo Room, 2135 Broadway, Oakland
In this class you put together you own Geiger Counter from a kit! Build
your own mightyohm geiger counter with custom case, as seen on
http://mightyohm.com  There's a $115 lab fee for this workshop which
includes the geiger counter and the custom case I designed especially for
workshop weekend!

Lastly, looks like the 3d Printer design class is sold out!  If anyone from
the list signed up for this, I'll see you there, otherwise I'll have to set
up a special edition of this class for noisebridgers...

-Miloh Alexander

* http://www.flickr.com/photos/endenizen/sets/72157607542165545/
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