[Noisebridge-announce] NB office hours: 6-8pm today

Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Tue Feb 19 21:58:52 UTC 2013

Have questions about Noisebridge history or culture? Want to know what
the board "does", how to make donations, or how to get your employer
to match them? Perhaps you'd like to run an event, or need a door

You know, them, you love them: office hours return this week at the
Hackertorium or the Sycamore. If you're having trouble finding
me, a photo and my phone number are at
<http://flamsmark.com/contact.html>. Whatever insight or help you
desire, I'll be around this evening to help you out.

Meatspace takes precedence over cyberspace for office hours. You're
welcome to ping me on your IM protocol of choice (again, see
<http://flamsmark.com/contact.html> for details), and I'll be hanging
out in #noisebridge on irc.oftc.net (but not Freenode, sorry).
However, if someone walks up to me in person, I'll pay attention to
them over any ghosts in the machine.

Can't make it this week? Barring extenuating circumstances, I plan to
be around every week before the meeting, so feel free to catch me next

Praise be to Consenso!

+1 609-981-4957 | toml at jabber.ccc.de | @flamsmark | flamsmark.com
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