[Noisebridge-announce] Four Years and Five Minutes of Fame! This Thursday, 21 Feb, 8PM, Noisebridge, Earth, Solar System, The Milky Way

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Wed Feb 20 04:15:08 UTC 2013

Four years and no days ago, our fathers brought forth at your local
hackerspace, a new entertainment, dedicated to all that was hackish and
froody in our community, with no holds barred except that of time, which
was to be limited to five minutes for each man woman and child who
entered in upon it.

Now it's time for us to celebrate that tradition, with a new dedication:


FREE, 8PM Thursday 21 Feb, at Noisebridge, for as long as it takes!


    * Master of Aspiration and Ruckus, Allen Gunn!
    * Terrifying improvised geek comedy
    * Wikis from far off Oakland!
    * Tales of open source Android development (and the Muni!)
    Plus! Metamaps! Hardware Recycled! Lambda Calculus Mime Artists!

And more and more and more!

Reply to this mail if you'd like to present your own five minutes, or
come along if you'd like to appear as "Audience Member" in our IMDB
entry. And show the world that the ungovernment of the hivemind, by the
hivemind, for the hivemind, shall not perish from this hackerspace!

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