[Noisebridge-announce] Digital Archivists Group: Weekly Meeting Time - Thursdays @ 6:30PM

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Mon Oct 7 02:36:12 UTC 2013

The Digital Archivists Group (
https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Digital_Archivists) is establishing a weekly
meeting time of Thursdays at 6:30PM (unless, in my ignorance, I have missed
some glaring schedule conflict, in which case it will be at some other

We have two partially completed scanners which we've been tinkering with
and talking about for the past few months, Dany Qumsiyeh's Linear Scanner (
http://code.google.com/p/linear-book-scanner/) and the DIYBS Reetz Kit
Scanner (http://diybookscanner.myshopify.com/products/diy-book-scanner-kit).
Through collaboration with Daniel Reetz, the DIY Book Scanner community,
and the kind folks over at the Books Department of the Internet Archive,
we're working toward something of a universal hackerspace standard for book
scanning worldwide.

A loose, pencil-etched agenda for this coming Thursday:

* Establishing a secure and (more or less) stationary home for all digital
archivism-themed things and their requisite equipment at Noisebridge
* Usefulness/feasibility of running IA and/or other book scanner related
software on a Raspberry Pi.
* Fine tuning/troubleshooting a few miscellaneous Reetz Scanner issues
(glare, foot pedal, backup camera triggering, etc.)
* Updating the woefully impoverished wiki
* Reetz Scanner reimbursement/investment options
* Beer-augmented general banter and brainstorming

For more frequent and specific updates, subscribe to
digitalarchivists at lists.noisebridge.net.

See you Thursday,

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