[Noisebridge-announce] Digital Archivists Group Meeting - Thursday 6:30PM

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Wed Jan 8 10:18:51 UTC 2014

Dear Noisebridgians,

This Thursday will see the triumphant, 2014 return of our humble Digital
Archivists Group's weekly meetings, which had undergone a brief hiatus over
the holidaze.  We will be back in full book-scanning glory this Thursday,
6:30PM, for our regularly scheduled weekly brainstorm and tinkerfest.
Renowned ethnomycologist Mark Hoffman is slated to make an appearance, as
well as another couple printed jewels in my fungus library crown; Harold J.
Brodie's *The Bird's Nest Fungi *and Vladimir Antonin's *Fungus Flora of
Tropical Africa Vol. 1 - Monograph of Marasmius, Gloiocephala,
Palaeocephala and Setulipes in Tropical Africa*.

Topics/activities will include further refining of and fluency in the use
of ScanTailor, discussion on how to rouse the IA Books Dept. from its
conspicuous, many-month silence (most likely to be accomplished by a group
cameo at their next Friday open luncheon), the ongoing struggle for
permanent Reetz Scanner real estate within Noisebridge, and visions of our
possible digital archiving future(s), all to be tackled over bottled,
fermented, liquid bread of an as of yet undetermined type.

Come one, come all.  We are an equal opportunity, nerdocratic, open source



Danny Newman

Sociedad Micológica de Bolivia

Mycological Society of San Francisco

Desjardin Lab, Harry D. Thiers Herbarium
San Francisco State University
http://is.gd/Xp5Trj : http://is.gd/89lBCh
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