[Noisebridge-discuss] bylaws on thursday night 8pm

David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 20 04:39:48 UTC 2008

At the meeting tonight, we talked about having a subcommittee to do 
stuff about bylaws on Thursday night. I (David M.) volunteered to look 
over the Nolo member bylaws and put together an edited version of those 
on the Wiki by then.

As I understand it, Carol is supposed to send us a "vanilla members" 
version of the bylaws at some point. That's great, but after looking at 
the Nolo member bylaws, I'm happy to go with those. There are some 
blanks to fill in, but I believe all or almost all of those have been 
discussed as part of our process so far. If we hear from Carol this week 
then we can compare the two versions, otherwise I suggest we go for it.

Anyway, let's go over this on Thursday at 8pm, with the goal of getting 
everything done and ironed out if we can. By "done" I mean ready for 

As to place, I'll suggest Peoples Cafe in Berkeley. Let me know if you 
have other suggestions. (For example, if you can offer a place with a 

-David Molnar

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