[Noisebridge-discuss] Processing workshop scheduling

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Tue Aug 19 07:18:56 UTC 2008

David Molnar wrote:
> Scott Murray wrote:
>> Hi, all,
>> I won't be able to attend tomorrow's meeting, but would like to run 
>> two things past the group.
>> First, I'd like to pick a day for the Processing workshop.  I'd like 
>> to propose either 9/13 or 9/20.  Do people have a preference?
> Either date is fine with me.

>> Second, I'd like to propose a format.  I think an all-day session 
>> would be too long, but 2-3 hours is reasonable.  But I'd love to spend 
>> more time with people who get into it, so what about this:  Let's 
>> schedule 2 hours as direct teaching, followed by a break, and 2 hours 
>> of open workshop time for people who can/want to stick around and work 
>> on their projects.  I would stick around and could give more 
>> individual attention during the second half.  How do people feel about 
>> this approach?
> The format sounds great. Two hours is about the limit for me for sitting 
> and working on anything.


> -David Molnar

Rachel AKA Broken Record

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