[Noisebridge-discuss] Processing workshop scheduling

Scott Murray shm at alignedleft.com
Wed Aug 20 03:54:37 UTC 2008

Cool!  Thanks, everyone for the feedback.

Since one person expressed a preference for 9/13, and everyone else  
was neutral, let's do it on 9/13.

> In the likelihood that I miss this class, will you be planning  
> follow-up workshops?

Yes, definitely.  Unless this is a total disaster.  But I think it  
will be great, and I hope people will be into it.  I'd love to  
introduce more people to Processing, and to do something more in- 
depth, spread over a few weeks.

> Also - do you plan to provide workshop presentation materials on the  
> wiki?

Great idea!  If I end up having any materials, I'll post them.

> I think it might be a good idea to pad the schedule by a half hour  
> on the front end though...

Another great idea.

In terms of scheduling, does starting at 2:00 sound good?  I would  
arrive earlier, like 1:30 to set up.  Then 2:00—4:00 could be  
teaching, followed by a break, and then up to 2 hours or so of open  

I'll also update the wiki with this schedule info.


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