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Jonas S Karlsson jsk at yesco.org
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On Jan 31, 2008 11:44 AM, Al Billings <albill at arcanology.com> wrote:

> Jonas S Karlsson wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I just got a notice that one of my messages to noisebridge-discuss has
> > been indexed and
> > is found on the web. Do we really want out discuss list to be that
> > open? Do we want it
> > to be archieved? Possibly something to discuss at the next meeting, or
> > on the list.
> >
> >
> https://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/noisebridge-discuss/2007-December/000016.html
> The wiki is public. Why not the e-mail list?

Interesting question!

The wiki is public, the email list is public (anyone can join), the archive
is public, the meetings are announced publically, thus are public.

How comfortable would you be about recording the voice and video of what
everyone is saying at the meeting and putting that up on the web site too?
Maybe somebody can transcribe all bad jokes and put attribution names and
email addresses, the technology might even be there to do it automatically.

I'm just raising the issue as to make people aware. I've started thinking
about the issue recently as a friend is wearing a microphone and
continuously recording what he says and everyone/else around him (except at
work). He's not putting it up on the web. Yet. It's an interesting
experiment. I believe since our meetings are "public" that any member then
could do this with the same reasoning?

Internet, twitter, facebook, businesses, and search engines are all
exploring what public (or even clearly stated "private" as in facebooks
case) really means.

Some members attending the meetings are not comfortable with their personal
phone-number given to every one on the list, or maybe even home addresses,
or maybe this is because they were aware of that the list is publicly
archived, or in their experience may become public because somebody archives
and later puts it up.

In Sweden, your "personal-number" (equiv social-security number) is public
information. So is you tax filings, thus declared income and your wealth.
Your school grades are public information, so is standardized test in school
that take place nation wide, including the essays written in Literature
class. Mobile phone numbers are listed in the online phone book as well as
your home address. The owner of a car from the license plate is public. Bank
account numbers aren't secret either. We don't base security on "open"
secrets which are shared left and right. What's your birth date? What is
your first pet's name? What's your mothers maiden name? That is easy to find
out in Sweden, maybe even in US!

In Sweden we're ok with all that. Would you be?

just some thoughts....


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