[Noisebridge-discuss] Getting the ball rolling for the next meeting, Feb 7 (change of date)

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Tue Feb 5 18:08:13 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Re: [Noisebridge-discuss] 	Getting the ball rolling for the next	meeting, Feb 7 (change of date)
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> Al Billings wrote:
> > I'd love a Thursday since I have class on Tuesdays.
> > 
> > Rachel McConnell wrote:
> >> I am a bit remiss in checking this list but I don't think anyone has
> >> offered a meeting place yet?  In fact I haven't seen any replies to
> >> this... I will volunteer my place again, if people can meet on
> >> Thursday, Feb 7th as the 5th won't work for me.  It's near BART and
> >> several Muni bus lines, and parking, while on-street, isn't quite as
> >> awful as it is in many other SF places.
> >>
> >> So, shall we meet on Thurs Feb 7th at 7:30, at Rachel's house, 3435
> >> Cesar Chavez @ Valencia?
> >>
> >> Rachel
> >>
> I think that's a swell idea!
> I propose that we plan to gather around 7:30-8:30 and plan to actually
> kick the meeting off around 8:30-8:45.
> I'd like to plan for a small agenda as we did last meeting. It was very
> nice to have a few things and only talk about them for a few minutes
> each. After the meeting, perhaps we can have another small hack night?
> Thoughts?
> Jake

Thursdays are way better for me than Tuesdays.  Thanks, Rachel for hosting this week!  This Thursday I have previous plans, but will see if I can get there late.

I also thought the meeting last Tuesday went well -- with socializing at the beginning, starting the meeting with an agenda, and a set number of minutes per topic, with chaos afterwards.  I'd be happy with that structure for all meetings.


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