[Noisebridge-discuss] stuff to talk about at tuesday's meeting

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Tue Jun 24 18:33:38 UTC 2008

Darn it, I'm not going to be able to come tonight after all.  My 
project, which involves motorizing a sofa, just got some really enormous 
help but tonight is the only time for a while I can capitalize on that. 
  I'll have to tell you all about it next week. Have fun everyone!

David, I've heard of people having good success playa-proofing 
electronics by just sticking them inside a ziploc bag.  You could put 
the whole thing inside the stuffed animal... if it fits well you 
shouldn't have much problem with crunkly sounds.


David Molnar wrote:
> Mitch Altman wrote:
>> I'm not sure Carol will be done with going over the Bylaws by tomorrow 
>> night.  She emailed me saying she would do her best, but that she is 
>> on a road trip,
>> and may have limited time to finish.  I'll keep you posted.
> OK, no problem. Jake, if you happen to have any thoughts from Wendy 
> please let us know, otherwise we'll just make it a fun projects 
> discussion meeting.
> I actually am curious right now about glasses with displays in them plus 
>  digital cameras. (Andy will remember where I'm getting this from, I 
> think.) Wouldn't mind talking about what is needed for that.
> The other thing I'd like to hear about is recommendations for Burning 
> Man-safe tape recorders. For powering "tell me a story, then pass me to 
> a friend" stuffed animals.
> -David Molnar
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