[Noisebridge-discuss] Additional spaces

Geoff Schmidt geoff at geoffschmidt.com
Tue Jun 23 22:16:42 UTC 2009

Here are a bunch of additional lease options from Roark and the boys  
at Ritchie.


If you liked the Oddfellows idea (big cheap space on Market), but  
didn't like the flooding, may I direct your attention to 1019 Market,  
where the 8000 ft2 first floor can be had for $4000. And it's a block  
down Market from Civic Center Bart. We could later expand into the  
basement. The Warfield building (982 Market) may be a similar option  
but they're not listing a price.

The second floor of 135 10th might be an option (22' ceilings,  
renovated.) 480 Clementina is cheap, but on 6th. 1126 Howard is close  
to Bart, and I suspect we could get the price down (it's been vacant a  
while.) 30 Sheridan sounds nice but is a few blocks from Bart and no  
price is quoted.

Take a look and if you see anything interesting, I'll make a showing  


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