[Noisebridge-discuss] hashclash MD5 collisions, and ps3 for Noisebridge

Charlie Hsu charlie at illustro.net
Thu Jun 18 00:21:33 UTC 2009

> Oh, and figure out where the heck you're going to find room to play
> games without annoying everybody else at 83c.  First part of the
> gameconsole-fundraiser, it seems to me, would be to find a larger space
> for Noisebridge to move to, so that there's *room* to play games.
Actually I wasn't really thinking about playing games per say...I'm 
working on a project that will control a ps3 from a computer, hook that 
computer up to a capture device, and do visual processing to have a game 
play itself. Sorta a rube goldberg way of doing a game bot, but more fun 
because it involves hardware.


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