[Noisebridge-discuss] Space Viewing Report: 2101 Mission Street at 17th Street, #204

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Sat May 2 15:10:08 UTC 2009

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Hi Noisebridge,

Yesterday, Miloh, Andy and I went to look at the space advertised in

This building is the Thrift Town building.  It's actually three buildings
that have been stitched together into a rabbit warren of spaces, elevators,
loading docks, stairways etc.  There is a parking lot / yard in the back of
the building and a freight elevator, both of which are shared with Thrift
Town, a couple of art spaces, and several sewing shops.

They're asking $3500 for the space; one of the art-space people who were
moving in, and with whom I shared an elevator, said, "Oh, I thought they'd
wanted $4000."

The space itself is really 5200 square feet -- imagine a space wider than
the frontage of the 83c space, but 120 feet deep.  It's raw floor, just
grey-painted wood floor, concrete pillars and brick walls.  It has two
bathrooms, one marked mens (1 stall and a urinal), and one marked womens
(two stalls); it has a kitchen, which is nasty and which the owner expressed
an intention to demo and re-do.  There is also one small office near the
door and elevator which contains a very large air-conditioning unit.

The space comes with one or two parking spaces in the parking lot / loading

The huge drawback is that the ceilings are low, 8 foot, and the "rafters"
are even lower.  Although the owner said he was going to pull them out, at
the time we viewed it there were long, long, cheap light fixtures throughout
the space add to the "cave" effect.  Miloh and I both felt like this was
nonetheless workable, but Andy was less thrilled.

The owner of the building -- who identified himself as the physical plant
expert, and referred us to the office for money questions -- was very
relaxed about the uses to which we might put the space, including the idea
of our running our own electricity; he would like us to show our work to the
local maintenence guy, was his only caveat.  He was also cool about my
stated intention to give out front-door keys to "all seventy-something" of
our members.

By "front door" I actually mean a side door on 17th street next to the
scooter shop which leads into a stairwell -- the freight elevator leads onto
the loading dock.  Like I said, a maze.

Anyway, Miloh took pictures, and has posted them on flicker:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/milohholim  -- note that the idyllic meadow and
dirt road down at the bottom is not included in the space.


Shannon Lee
(503) 539-3700

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