[Noisebridge-discuss] Who wants Kilograms of Shapelock?

Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 04:03:55 UTC 2010

Hey, I'd also be in to a group purchase of neodymium magnets, and I'm 
still looking for a group purchase of CR123 batteries...


Corey McGuire wrote:
> I should also mention that I hope to have a "DIY Fridge Magnet" party 
> where we all make and paint Shapelock/neodymium fridge magnets!  My 18mo 
> kid loves magnets, but  neodymium magnets are dangerous and most fridge 
> magnets are too wimpy to stick.  I have 100, 8mm * 2mm button magnets 
> off of e-bay, I am sourcing Shapelock, I am hoping to keep the material 
> costs for the class around $5 (for a couple magnets and some volume of 
> Shapelock.)
> Details once I get my source!
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