[Noisebridge-discuss] Arduino hacking session at NB?

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Sat Mar 20 00:05:27 UTC 2010

Fair enough.  I strongly suspect that if you put a moderate amount of
effort into organizing and promoting such an event, that plenty of
people would come to it.  You know, remind us here 4 or 5 times, put it
on the wiki, cross-post to dorkbot and the squidlist and so on.  At this
distance out, you can probably pick any time that suits him (and you)
and just decide.


Josh Berkus wrote:
> On 3/18/10 10:57 PM, Rachel McConnell wrote:
>> Me personally, I am interested, but can't possibly commit to something
>> in July until, like the end of June at the earliest.  If he does really
>> need that much advance notice, it is probably better for him not to plan
>> on it.  But maybe he could be convinced to just come visit & hang out,
>> and maybe a hacking session would arise spontaneously.
> As you might imagine, he has to buy his plane tickets several months in
> advance.  That's why I'm asking now.
> So I was looking more for expressions of interest than a commitment.

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