[Noisebridge-discuss] Bill, Ted and Noisebridge's "Excellent" document

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Thu Feb 3 18:39:21 UTC 2011

I will be hosting a social event at Noisebridge in about two weeks (around
the 12th or so, but date is still in flux).

The purpose of this event will be for anyone who wants to show. I wish to,
as a group, create a document -- something that we all agree on (with
consensus). It will be a brainstorming session and discussion session to see
what we can create with group energy.

The purpose of the document is to bring written life to ways that we can be
excellent to each other.  This is not a rule book -- no one "has to" follow
it (nor would they if they "had" to). However, it does give life to what the
group in general will agree *excellence* is (at least at that point in time
for the members who showed up).

There will be many items brought up, and only a few will make it into the
document (as the group will "consense" on what goes into the document).
That's fine. It does give us a sense, however, for the items that do make
it, that at some point in time a good deal of people agreed enough to
"consense" that something was "excellent."

Anything in the document is subject to change over time as the people who
come to noisebridge change -- therefore changing the group -- therefore
changing what the group thinks excellence will be.

It's a social experiment that may fail miserably. But, I want to try
"doacracy" with the intent of doing good for the sake of Noisebridge.

I don't have a personal stake in this idea. If someone else has more time
than I do and wishes to run with the idea instead of me, I will happily
yield to whoever that is. If no else else steps up to the plate, I'm
sticking my neck out, bringing my patience and listening, and will see what
magic can be created.....


Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter

-- Goethe
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