[Noisebridge-discuss] [OT] looking for someone who knows LAMP + Email + Security

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 4 03:19:56 UTC 2011

Anyone really good at setting up email and Apache, and good with security issues?  I'm currently setting up a new dedicated server at a web hosting place.  Well, my friend Rod is actually doing the setup.  He's a genius, and is really good at researching these sorts of thigns, but doesn't have much experience at setting up LAMP systems, being fairly new at it, and asked me if I could find anyone to help out.
If interested, please check out more details that Rod wrote out, below.  And if still interested, please contact me off list.

I'm proceeding slowly but surely with configuring 
the new server.  The goal as I see it is to configure 
the server with a LAMP stack and email services that 
are reasonably hardened against intrusion attacks 
and password eavesdropping.  I'm doing many of these 
tasks for the first time. 

To speed things up it might be helpful to have some 
assistance or review on the part of someone who has 
more experience. 

Some issues: 

Email.  Currently I have Postfix installed and 
partially configured.  I chose Postfix with the hope 
that it would be simpler to configure than sendmail 
and because its author is a security specialist. 
However, a friend gave up running his own Postfix server 
and warns me that it can be complex to administer. 
Here are some outstanding issues: 
- Should exim or sendmail be reconsidered instead of Postfix? 
- Adding TLS/SSL support. 
- Configuring SMTP. 
- Configuring Spamassassin. 
- Configuring SquirrelMail to support web access. 

Apache configuration.  A review of httpd.conf and related 
configuration files could be useful.  This server will be 
supporting multiple virtual hosts as well as PHP and SSL. 
I am also trying to reduce the need for web site developers 
to use root access when working on a web site. 

It might also be useful to review how iptables, vsftpd and 
ssh are configured. 

I have access to plenty of resources to research and solve 
problems as they come up.  However, it all takes time. 
If you know of someone who has deep working knowledge 
of LAMP + Email + Security please let me know. 


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