[Noisebridge-discuss] donated noisebridge companion cube computer

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 15:44:34 UTC 2011

lilia donated a black shuttle cube computer to noisebridge.  Somebody 
please put a "Property of Noisebridge" sticker on it.

Her comment on the matter originated in a different thread:
"It is now property of noisebridge. Hack as you may. No need
to ask. It's running XP at the moment, which lots of nice software
resources left over from my college days (Adobe, Macromedia, Matlab if
you can get a new license for it, Visual Studio for windows-based
C/C++ hacking, to name a few...)."

The computer is now apparently already hooked up to the Kinect.  It 
would be excellent to see the computer remain with the (presumably 
licensed) Microsoft software on it for everybody to use.  It might also 
be cool to see it dual-boot as a hackintosh with Mac OS snow leopard.

If we get a dual-boot on there for MacOS snow leopard, I would be 
willing to donate $20 to get a Noisebridge developer license for iphone 
SDK development.  If 4 others are also willing to donate $20, we can get 
Noisebridge its own developer license for iphone SDK.


A.B.? Also, what does Prof. McGonagall have to do with anything?

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