[Noisebridge-discuss] personal computers at Noisebridge

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 5 20:04:18 UTC 2011

Hi to All!
1) the computer is there, it works, many people are happy because of this, some 
are not, so consensus would be that it will stay there, that is clear - because 
I would vote against moving it away (and many others too, as is visible) 

2) several attacks against Isky  were very personal more or less saying "I do 
not like you, I do not like what do you do, where do you do it and how". Many 
people said to this, that they are against it. So it is your problem and if you 
do not sort it in a appropriate way, you would hurt yourself and community. 

3) if Isky is productive or not is his own business, and no one's else. 
Noisebridge is more hacker space than a work camp I guess, so doing a social 
club, Ohh yess! Sounds great! 

4) several people are trying to push their ideas through very hard, against will 
of many others and they are dismissing others people logic, thinking and 
feelings. That is not OK and certainly it is not excellent. Why do you need to 
do this? Why do you not to do something by yourself? Many of you are very 
active, why do you waste time with this if there are many or at least several 
people who has the same voice as you and actively are saying no to you? Do you 
really need this "social energy drama?" Sometimes it may be good in small 
dosages but this is way to much for many people, so please listen and consider.

Thanks for several really nice emails and good advices in this thread and I hope 
that the personal attacks will stop immediately. If not, it may happen that Isky 
and maybe several others would feel like leaving our community and we would 
loose several core people, which are very, very important for the place. I've 
been working in SF very hard and Noisebridge helped me a lot. A lot! And one of 
the most helpful persons was Isky. No jokes. If you are not aware of that please 
think first about yourself because you are not able to connect to one of the top 
human resources which we have in the place. Several very well respected 
Noisebridge members said that already so maybe again listen to them.  

Take it easy and focus on something else, something a bit more productive. 
People do not want Isky or computer or both to go, done, next ...



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    your email seems well said in the main. 

    still, why can't you drop this campaign? please 


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