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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 10 03:34:51 UTC 2011

You are Invited to the San Francicso Awesome Foundation First Year Anniversary party. 
Join the Micro-Trustees of the Awesome Foundation and this year's grant recipients to celebrate it's first Year of Awesome in San Francisco! 

7pm Sunday Feb.13th, 2011
FREE tickets at Eventbrite, and more info here: 

1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA

The SF Awesome Foundation gives away $1000 every month to awesome San Francisco projects. If you have an awesome project, please give us your proposal!

So far we have given $1000 to 6 awesome San Francisco projects, half of them by Noisebridge folks: 
     •  Ken Murphy "A History of the Sky"
     •  Jonathan Foote "Robotic Desk Lamps"
     •  Claire Schoen "Sounding the Waters"
     •  Heather Thomkins & Colleen Stockman "PaperGirl SF"
     •  Anthony Carranza, "Hoods to the Woods"
     •  Meredith Scheff "Scarf a Day" 

Everyone will have their projects there to show off.  Come check out them out!  And the there will be short fun presentations on each.
Free food! Free drink! Free awesome people!

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