[Noisebridge-discuss] San Francisco Free School would like to Collaborate/Join Noise Bridge- host classes

Jonah theberkeleybunny at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 00:20:54 UTC 2011

Hello fellow Noisebridgers,

I've been to the space three times in the past week so I guess that makes me
an official member- love the openness here.

My name is Jonah, I'm the O.G. behind the San Francisco Free School.  We are
a group dedicated to spreading free education and arts and strengthening and
linking various communities.  We're a brand new group, last week was our
first gatherings, teachings- generally, we have 12-30 people come for each
night of classes.

Our current model is to host a regular weekly night of free classes and food
at different locations-
so far we're working with
Blacklight Ventures on Tuesdays (1543 Mission Street)
The Convent Coop on Wednesdays (Oak and Fillmore) (day not yet confirmed)
The Ark221 Gallery on Thursdays (221 11th and Howard) (day not yet

We have a large list of potential classes we could bring to Noise Bridge,
and we are an apt and willing student body for classes noisebridge members
may want to teach.

We could pick anyday Friday through Monday (looking for feedback to make
this all harmonious).

We also would like to pick a regional theme (we're creating a
performance/circus/musical show featuring various regional knowledges)


What classes would you be interested in taking?
they can relate to a certain region or theme, or not-
what classes would you interested in teaching?


Here's a potential schedule (for example).

Fridays at Noise Bridge


Asian Culinary Course (free dinner for anyone at the space)

Qi Gong

Beginner's Japanese

8-9pm (class room A)
Tai Chi

8-9pm (class room B)
Website Design
(taught by noise bridge)

9-10pm (in classroom A)
Butoh (expressive theatrical art from Japan)

9-10pm (in classroom B)
eastern medicine, workshop, nutrition, acupuncture, massage)

10-12pm (Classroom A)
Asian Film viewing

Success Lit reading group
(taught by noise bridge)

Basic Computer repair
(taught by noise bridge)

reading, writing group, poetry, lectures, or rehearsals for the asian
segment of our show (potentially a version of The Odyssey where western man
travels through the regional knowledges of culture and arts, and finds his


here's a very short list of some classes that we could bring to Noisebridge

Qi Gong
Lectures from professors
Indian and Asian Nutrition
Music lessons, singing, guitar, drums,
Poetry workshops
conscious communication workshops
more traditional academic courses (Sciences, math)
dance workshops
anarchist reading groups...


Well, I apologize for the disorganized nature of this message
hopefully this is open ended enough to elicit some responses, advice,

Our goals are to support NoiseBridge, to Bridge various communities, to not
make too much noise,
and to learn, teach, grow together, form community, family, tribe...

and once a week bring in a bunch of free food :)

Its been great getting to know some of you,
you can check out the temporary calendar I popped up at www.sffreeschool.com
for info about our Tuesday meet up- and you're all welcome of course to our
other spaces. (to be confirmed in the upcoming days)


so, watchyall think?

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