[Noisebridge-discuss] San Francisco Free School would like to Collaborate/Join Noise Bridge- host classes

rachel lyra hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Mon Feb 14 03:12:25 UTC 2011

Hi Jonah! I am a for reals (ie, dues-paying) member of noisebridge and
think the idea of a free school is rad! and ties in well with our
missions and goals.  Noisebridge is an awesome space that aims to
encourage learning and knowledge-sharing so it sounds like there's tons
of common ground.

You might want to know about Tastebridge, a food-oriented group at
Noisebridge, and talk to them about getting involved/included in your
food stuff at noisebridge.  I am sure anyone would be happy to help you
find things in the kitchen but they tend to know most about what is
going on back there.

I bet that in general there are lots of other groups that would tie in
with what you are doing.  it would probably help you to garner helpers &
supporters as well as advice etc to contact similar related groups that
use various parts of Noisebridge. NB is a sprawling association of
groups.  It would be rad to help draw connections between them, it is
something lots of us have been talking about working towards.  Generally
speaking there is a ton going on in the space for sure, though - maybe
it would make sense to do your school thing as a series of one-offs at
first, to help ease connections and work out timing etc with the free
school and various other user groups at noisebridge?


On 2/13/2011 4:20 PM, Jonah wrote:
> Hello fellow Noisebridgers,
> I've been to the space three times in the past week so I guess that makes me
> an official member- love the openness here.
> My name is Jonah, I'm the O.G. behind the San Francisco Free School.  We are
> a group dedicated to spreading free education and arts and strengthening and
> linking various communities.  We're a brand new group, last week was our
> first gatherings, teachings- generally, we have 12-30 people come for each
> night of classes.
> Our current model is to host a regular weekly night of free classes and food
> at different locations-
> so far we're working with
> Blacklight Ventures on Tuesdays (1543 Mission Street)
> The Convent Coop on Wednesdays (Oak and Fillmore) (day not yet confirmed)
> The Ark221 Gallery on Thursdays (221 11th and Howard) (day not yet
> confirmed)
> We have a large list of potential classes we could bring to Noise Bridge,
> and we are an apt and willing student body for classes noisebridge members
> may want to teach.
> We could pick anyday Friday through Monday (looking for feedback to make
> this all harmonious).
> We also would like to pick a regional theme (we're creating a
> performance/circus/musical show featuring various regional knowledges)
> so.,..
> What classes would you be interested in taking?
> they can relate to a certain region or theme, or not-
> what classes would you interested in teaching?
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Here's a potential schedule (for example).
> Fridays at Noise Bridge
> 5pm-1am.
> Asia
> 5-6pm
> Asian Culinary Course (free dinner for anyone at the space)
> 6-7pm
> Qi Gong
> 7-8pm
> Beginner's Japanese
> 8-9pm (class room A)
> Tai Chi
> 8-9pm (class room B)
> Website Design
> (taught by noise bridge)
> 9-10pm (in classroom A)
> Butoh (expressive theatrical art from Japan)
> 9-10pm (in classroom B)
> eastern medicine, workshop, nutrition, acupuncture, massage)
> 10-12pm (Classroom A)
> Asian Film viewing
> 10-11pm
> Success Lit reading group
> (taught by noise bridge)
> 11pm-12am
> Basic Computer repair
> (taught by noise bridge)
> 12pm-1am
> reading, writing group, poetry, lectures, or rehearsals for the asian
> segment of our show (potentially a version of The Odyssey where western man
> travels through the regional knowledges of culture and arts, and finds his
> home)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> here's a very short list of some classes that we could bring to Noisebridge
> Capoeira
> Qi Gong
> Yoga
> Philosophy
> Lectures from professors
> Indian and Asian Nutrition
> Painting
> Music lessons, singing, guitar, drums,
> carpentry
> languages
> Poetry workshops
> body-painting
> conscious communication workshops
> culinary
> more traditional academic courses (Sciences, math)
> dance workshops
> photography
> film
> anarchist reading groups...
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Well, I apologize for the disorganized nature of this message
> hopefully this is open ended enough to elicit some responses, advice,
> participation.
> Our goals are to support NoiseBridge, to Bridge various communities, to not
> make too much noise,
> and to learn, teach, grow together, form community, family, tribe...
> and once a week bring in a bunch of free food :)
> Its been great getting to know some of you,
> you can check out the temporary calendar I popped up at www.sffreeschool.com
> for info about our Tuesday meet up- and you're all welcome of course to our
> other spaces. (to be confirmed in the upcoming days)
> ahhh....
> so, watchyall think?
> Jonah
> 530-798-6211.
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