[Noisebridge-discuss] selling junk on craigslist, throwing junk out (specifically printers)

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 08:46:15 UTC 2011

The meeting notes from last week refer to a discussion about throwing 
stuff out...

There's stuff here that isn't used and could probably be thrown out. 
however, some of the stuff may actually be worth something to somebody, 
specifically the three big HP printers in the donation area and also the 
big treechopper printer.  those printers have been in that same location 
for about 3 months now.  perhaps we could list these things on 
craigslist and let somebody pick them up.  if we did that, we'd have not 
only the additional square-footage but also the money from the sales 
which could be simply left in the donation box.

can we go ahead and get rid of those big hp printers? also, could we 
designate a specific day (maybe the 2nd-saturday hacking of the space?) 
to gather everything that needs to be thrown out and list sell-able 
items on craigslist?


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