[Noisebridge-discuss] Banning Patrick from Noisebridge

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Feb 23 08:42:28 UTC 2011

Patrick, the undersigned have agreed doocratically that you are no
longer welcome at Noisebridge.  Do not return.  If you have possessions
in the space you may contact Jason Dusek who will collect them and bring
them down to you at the sidewalk.  Any of us will, if we see you in the
space, ask you to leave and escort you out.

Everyone else, we are putting up an official consensus item for banning
Patrick from the space.  There is strong evidence that he has behaved in
unacceptable ways to other people associated with Noisebridge, which
makes members of our community feel unsafe.

It is a difficult balance to illustrate the problem while still
protecting the privacy of all of those involved, and the solution we
have come up with is this.

Rachel Hospodar, Al Sweigart, and Veronica Sutter are talking to those
involved to obtain the level of permission they are comfortable with.
They plan to collate two bodies of evidence, one electronic and one on
paper, documenting Patrick's behavior.  Members of Noisebridge can view
this evidence by contacting them directly.  The electronic version will
probably be smaller, but will be available to members on request if they
are unable to come to the space to view the paper version.  The paper
version will be in the custody of Jason Dusek, who has a high level of
availability to meet members at Noisebridge and show them.

This is a serious case and we truly hope that all members are able to
take time to consider this evidence, discuss the situation with your
fellow Noisebridgers and come to a meeting next week to express your

Rachel McConnell
Al Sweigart
Alex Handy
Timothy Sanders
Will Sargent
Rachel Hospodar
Ronald Cotoni
Steve Koenig (Hephaestus)
Veronica Sutter
Robert Chu
John E.
Zedd Epstein
Rubin Abdi
Jason Dusek

I have taken the liberty of redacting Patrick's last name from this
email. Google is forever and it's possible he will improve over time. I
hope others who respond will take this into account.

-Rachel M

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