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Wed Feb 2 21:16:00 UTC 2011

Re: jim's observations about talking vs remembering

It's hard to know, in our sprawling cultural biome, how to convey
information, via sign, wiki, email, talking, etc. So many options! I think
that in this case the goal should be for many of us to be well-versed in
what Consensus means and how we have agreed to enact it. Ideally there would
be someone or several someones at Every Meeting who is well versed in how
this works.  Some things around the space are kind of institutional
knowledge held by one person - you have to track down x person to find out
about y thing in z corner. I think that part of fixing the consensus process
in our community is creating a shared community knowledge of how the process
works - and a shared commitment to trying to make it work. Without that
last, there's no reason to try.  I think that commitment is part of the duty
of membership.

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