[Noisebridge-discuss] personal computers at Noisebridge (was Re: Missing Green Bike /w Red Grips.)

jim jim at well.com
Thu Feb 3 02:47:45 UTC 2011

    isky shares his computer with others, and seems to 
me pretty freely. 

    maybe define "the issue": i'm guessing something 
like "some of us are pissed off that you've been 
keeping your personal computer in that spot for so 
long." (is that right?) 
    whatever the issue definition, thence a 
discussion. i don't mind these long, boring email 
storms because they seem part of being here and with 
each other, one way to work things out. 

On Wed, 2011-02-02 at 18:30 -0800, Andy Isaacson wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 05:44:44PM -0800, Rachel McConnell wrote:
> > If you have a problem with someone's behavior, talk to them.
> I have tried to talk to Isky about this issue.  He's been unwilling to
> communicate about it.  I have heard from at least two other community
> members who've also tried to discuss it with him and gotten blown off.
> I'd appreciate it if someone who has a good rapport with Isky could help
> mediate better communication.  Rachel or Rachel?
> My position is, I don't think that there should be personal desktop
> systems set up long-term at noisebridge.  It causes a bunch of problems:
> 1. it doesn't scale.  We don't have room for everyone's systems.
> 2. it encourages the "owners" of the systems to assert property rights
>    to specific areas of the space.
> 3. it's wasteful of power.  ($7-$40 a month per PC, if I math right.)
> 4. it encourages the "owners" to overuse the Noisebridge space,
>    sometimes to the exclusion of other community members.
> 5. the "owner" is likely to feel personally affronted if their system is
>    used to construct a giant robot.
> I have no problem with temporary (8 hours, 48 hours) use of the space in
> just about any innovative way -- hackathons, installfests, robot
> construction that temporarily takes over the entire front room -- but
> that's not what is happening here.  As far as I know, there's been an
> "Isky's computer" in one of the classrooms continuously, for the last
> several months.
> -andy
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