[Noisebridge-discuss] Kinect at NB

Jared Dunne jareddunne at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 11:18:31 UTC 2011

Thanks to Greg for the Kinect donation!

I spent a few hours today trying to get it working with my Mac with
only minor success if you can even call it that.

I've documented my research and finding so far on newly created wiki
page for NB's Kinect:

Can some one, who knows the nburl.net password, please create /kinect
pointing to the wiki page above?  There is already a label on the
Kinect itself with http://nburl.net/kinect but it current goes


On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 2:05 AM, Jared Dunne <jareddunne at gmail.com> wrote:
> Someone excellent whose name I can't remember (until Al posts the
> meeting notes) donated a Kinect to Noisebridge last night at the
> weekly meeting.
> After the meeting people were playing with it, and I was really
> impressed.  What was the name of the software that you were using to
> visualize it's representation of its surroundings?
> Also, where does it live at Noisebridge?  I'd like to experiment with
> it tomorrow to brainstorm on project ideas with the machine learning
> peeps.
> Thanks,
> jared-

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