[Noisebridge-discuss] personal computers at Noisebridge (was Re: Missing Green Bike /w Red Grips.)

jim jim at systemateka.com
Thu Feb 3 16:48:20 UTC 2011

    i mainly agree with the exception that i think 
it's useful to hash this stuff out: if we didn't, 
we wouldn't see how others think. 

On Thu, 2011-02-03 at 05:33 -0800, Jake wrote:
> if a computer is set up at noisebridge, and is available to be used by 
> anyone at any time, unless someone else is already using it, it is a 
> de-facto "public computer".
> if Isky has not exercised "owners priority" over other people who are 
> using the computer when he shows up, the computer is being used in a 
> public way.
> It is my understanding that the computer is not password-protected against 
> use by the public, and Isky does not ask people to Step Aside any more 
> than Miloh does so on Quagga (near the spectrum monitor) so the only 
> issues I can identify are as follows:
> 1. some people apparently have personal differences with Isky
> 2. some people may be chaffed by Isky being set up in Turing
> 3. some people may wish they could spend as much time at Noisebridge.
> I think we should all ask ourselves if we could be spending our energy 
> more productively and interestingly than even talking about this.
> For example - the wheelchair robot needs a Kinect for a head, so it can 
> tell what it's about to run over.  Who will be its next programmer?
> -jake
> ---- someone wrote ----
>      isky shares his computer with others, and seems to
> me pretty freely.
>      maybe define "the issue": i'm guessing something
> like "some of us are pissed off that you've been
> keeping your personal computer in that spot for so
> long." (is that right?)
>      whatever the issue definition, thence a
> discussion. i don't mind these long, boring email
> storms because they seem part of being here and with
> each other, one way to work things out.
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