[Noisebridge-discuss] personal computers at Noisebridge (was Re: Missing Green Bike /w Red Grips.)

jim jim at systemateka.com
Fri Feb 4 17:42:56 UTC 2011

    what an interesting writing style you have, isky. 
and bravo! thanks for piping up. 

On Fri, 2011-02-04 at 03:46 -0800, Isky Wordsworth wrote:
> oh my god Noisebridge, I love you, I'm in tears I've been laughing so
> hard, 
> as is almost always the case, this is going much better than I
> expected,
> naysayers: you think EYE AM unproductive? Do i spend hours every day
> shit talking people on the internet? No, i walk around my world,
> including noisebridge, making people feel better about their day and
> showing them where to find the things they need cause you're all
> sitting here foaming at the mouth getting your keyboards all soggy,
> when have I EVER been in your way? shut up and hack.
> not to mention to the people always trying to push everyone around (i
> admit some need to be pushed a little, though I'm trying to convince
> you I'm not the sort), do you have any idea how many people have cried
> on my shoulders in YOUR hackerspace? do you know how nice it feels to
> be there as a completely positive supportive emotional resource for
> another hacker? or are ya too busy trying to make them cry in the
> first place?
> yaysayers: PLEASE! feel free to leave me more kind words, you guys
> have had me giggling and feeling nice all evening,
> @Patrick... wHat?!?! are you Completely sightless? almost everything
> you perceive is completely inverted and confounding, are you getting
> your information out of a random sentence generator? Me Antisocial?
> and What's all this about permission? What am i running a kindergarten
> in Turing? quit coming over to me to tell me five times that you're
> older than me and that you're afraid to talk to my friends because
> "it's inappropriate for a male of my age to talk to a female of that
> age", where are you getting this stuff?
> @Andy
>         "I have tried to talk to Isky about this issue.  He's been
>         unwilling to
>         communicate about it." 
> Andy, we have exchanged maybe thirty sentences ever, in like two
> conversations, initiated by me (in which you've been incredibly
> helpful, thank you!). Otherwise, we seem to have mutally avoided
> interaction more thoroughly than i thought possible. What are you
> talking about?When did you ever ask me about the computer? It's
> perfectly possible that i forgot. in that case I'm sorry for seeming
> to have avoided the subject, its not something I wanted to upset
> anyone over.
>         " I have heard from at least two other community
> members who've also tried to discuss it with him and gotten blown
> off."
> Shannon and another have both advised me to "move it", i engaged them
> both in a logistical conversation of where and for what purpose and
> neither could come up with enough to want to continue the conversation
> with me, which i was not done talking about, effectively, in fact
> blowing ME off! To be frank! I am sick of you people blowing me off
> all the time! Find someone else next time you're in the mood. Worrying
> about when you'll get to blow me off again 
> all the time must be exhausting and there MUST be SOMETHING else you
> enjoy doing...?
> AND YOU TWO, please don't confuse a SUGGESTION with a REQUEST, I have
> never been asked to move my computer. It's a total of 4 people it
> bothers, and those 4 people are rarely in the space! Yet when they
> finally come around they spend their time having a tantrum about me
> off completely out of the way of anything they could be doing?
> @Al 
> man, why do i never get to hear any of this out of mouth? i always got
> to read your frustration second hand, 
>  how are organizing/cleaning the kitchen, cooking with/for people,
> making tea for everyone, repairing shirts, jackets, headphones,
> &laptops, spreading the word of hackerspaces, running the lockpicking
> class three weeks in a row, making sure as many people as i can affect
> (who havent already decided im their mortal enemy) are
> smiling/laughing, teaching people how to solder/use the sewing
> machine/repair their stuff/speak spanish/make a decent bowl of labne
> etc not legitimate projects? what the fuck is a fucking project??
> Albert have you have got that word tattooed to your eyelids? has it
> completely lost its meaning? i dont understand what parameters it
> defines, do i need to build a 1:1 Hanging Gardens of Babylon out of
> macaroni sculpture to impress you? if not so extreme, why draw a line
> at all? 
> I'd like to have my word taken when I say that I ALWAYS ask if I can
> get out of the way of anyone whom i look like i even might be in the
> way of. Not ot mention CONSTANTLY asking people what i can help them
> with around the space. I am a very thoughtful, purposefully
> conscientious and attemptedly empathetic participant of the space.
> Because of my extraversion disease, I can't not engage lost looking
> people and I'm a big reason people ever find the classrooms in the
> first place! I've given more tours, found more needed/lost tools,
> washed more dishes, and swept more floors at noisebridge than anyone
> in the last few months ('cept Al). You haters come in once every two
> weeks and see me looking out the window for a minute, you make a
> mental note of it, convince yourself that i haven't done an ounce of
> helping anybody ever over and over until you can't remember what it
> was that you were actually mad about and then blog about it? Sounds
> super productive!
> Who exactly avoids turing because I'm in there? All the people who've
> come to it looking like they wanted to stay for more than a minute
> did, and all who didn't didn't, can we stop speculating? seriously
> point them out, have them ask me to stop being so
> scary/smelly/vicious/satanically unpleasant to be around while I'm
> doing my french homework/ or playing trackmania so AntaGoNizIngly. Do
> you have any idea how many people were thankful there was a computer
> sitting there for them to be able to participate in the class with
> (the 88% of the time the computer is freely available as first come
> first serve)? 
> ah fuck, look what you made me do, wall of text when i could be
> sleeping, whoops 
> Isky <3's you noisebridge. Sorry for partying. 
> save the disc list for interesting, new, at least slightly informative
> topics
> instead of smearing (my) name/s around in a circle all day every day
> XD 
> oh and Liz I'd love to help teach that class,
> On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 1:41 AM, aestetix aestetix <aestetix at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>         The fundamental fallacy with declaring excellence is that,
>         because everyone has a different view, any action has both
>         excellence and un-excellent qualities to it. I feel one of the
>         points of us using this as our one "rule" is to help remind
>         people that in knee-deep drama, there always *is* a positive
>         way to look at things.
>         This also means that, even if we got the entire membership to
>         agree on something, or even communicate with each other at
>         all, it would be forced and trite at best. Further, some
>         people would feel pressured to "agree" by others, and rather
>         than voicing their actual opinion they'd go along with the
>         crowd to avoid conflict. 
>         In any case, what I feel is most excellent right now is
>         finishing my ice-cream while listening to Mozart and watching
>         porn, and enjoying majestic mental images.
>         On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 1:25 AM, Albert Sweigart
>         <asweigart at gmail.com> wrote:
>                 * Isky isn't on trial. Some people have a problem with
>                 his behavior
>                 and are discussing it on the email list. That's all.
>                 * This is specifically about Isky, and specifically
>                 about him keeping
>                 his desktop in the Turing classroom on a long term
>                 basis.
>                 * Personally, I think if the membership came together,
>                 decided if
>                 keeping personal desktops in the classrooms was
>                 excellent behavior or
>                 not with everyone having an equal say, and then wrote
>                 this decision
>                 down, we could avoid a lot of drama. Otherwise this
>                 email thread will
>                 continue until everyone is emotionally drained,
>                 nothing will be
>                 resolved, and this or a problem like it will flare up
>                 again in a few
>                 months.
>                 -Al
>                 On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 12:43 AM, Praveen Sinha
>                 <dmhomee at gmail.com> wrote:
>                 > Urgh... I can't beleive I'm getting sucked in to
>                 drama, but...
>                 >
>                 > Seriously is Isky on trial or something?  Is he
>                 Mubarak?   If we are talking
>                 > about Isky in a huge email drama thread, then who
>                 else are we going to talk
>                 > about next???   Noisebridge is and should be an open
>                 space for people to
>                 > interact in their own ways.  I realize that people
>                 are coming forward to
>                 > defend him, but he shouldn't /have/ to be defended.
>                 >
>                 > Shunning people from noisebridge because the don't
>                 fit a social mold will
>                 > only ensure the alienation of the best and
>                 brightest.
>                 >
>                 >
>                 > On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 6:56 PM, Josh Myer
>                 <josh at joshisanerd.com> wrote:
>                 >>
>                 >> On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 6:47 PM, jim <jim at well.com>
>                 wrote:
>                 >>>
>                 >>>
>                 >>>    isky shares his computer with others, and seems
>                 to
>                 >>> me pretty freely.
>                 >>>
>                 >>
>                 >> We don't have rules, but it seems like the general
>                 pattern in the past has
>                 >> been "Keep your stuff on your shelf, or, if it
>                 doesn't fit on your shelf,
>                 >> label it."  A shuttle PC will fit on a shelf,
>                 easily.
>                 >> It seems like there's another underlying issue
>                 people are skirting around,
>                 >> which is that Isky is constantly at the space, and
>                 rarely seems to be doing
>                 >> anything beyond hanging out.
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