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Sat Feb 5 01:34:52 UTC 2011

On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 4:34 PM, Taylor Alexander <tlalexander at gmail.com>wrote:

> Actually, I was imaging a more comical use of "Property of
> Noisebridge" stickers, where they're just put on random things all
> over the place - especially outside of Noisebridge on things that
> clearly don't belong to NB, like buses etc.
> Much like XKCD's "Actual Size" stickers, which can amusingly be put
> on, say, a 10' tall poster of a PS3.
> If there were "Property of Noisebridge" stickers, I'd really want to
> put them on my own stuff, as a joke. But that would be a bad idea
> unless everyone knew it was a joke.
> Actually, it wouldn't matter because I'm never able to make it to
> noisebridge, but still.
> In a similar vein, it would be funny if we got stickers that said
> "Absolutely not property of Noisebridge" and used *those* as the
> official noisebridge property indicators.
> -Taylor

I want "Absolutely Not Property of Nosebridge" stickers, with the nose logo,
to be placed beside any "Property of Noisebridge" stickers. :D

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