[Noisebridge-discuss] Window for Turing Classroom (was "Classroom Turing Porthole")

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 02:09:24 UTC 2011

Wow... I had the exactly same idea earlier today and planned on posting 
it: a window for the Turing classroom.

Seriously, a window into that classroom would really open that space up 
in a positive way.  My idea, though, was to replace the whiteboard next 
to the classroom door with an equally-big acrylic/plexiglass window and 
move that whiteboard to a different wall.  We could then put a set of 
cheap blinds over the inside of the window for when a group wants 
privacy or needs darkness for a projector.


On 2/7/2011 6:02 PM, Albert Sweigart wrote:
> I have a circular piece of glass I fished out of the trash at NB which
> might make a nice window for the Turing classroom door. It might offer
> a nice way to see if the room is in use without opening the door all
> the way. The glass is a circle with about a foot diameter (we'd make
> the window smaller.
> Anyone object? Anyone want to help?
> -Al
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