[Noisebridge-discuss] robots WILL kill you.

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Feb 9 21:54:02 UTC 2011

the standard wall plug "appendage" which sticks forward under its seat now 
has a p0rn cam (with its own LED lighting) so it can "see" the electrical 
outlet as it approaches.  very hot.

that much more reason why it needs a big pleated skirt around its lower 
half, so as not to be crude.


lilia wrote:

  Noise-bot aka MC Hawking the wheelchair robot has received some exciting 
new upgrades:

A Kinect for a head.
A flat panel display for a face.
A standard wall plug for a...um...well...appendage.
A custom height socket fixture for a girlfriend.
The Opencv library for a visual cortex.

I have a python script that reads data from the kinect, detects faces and 
turns the robot to face them. I will be working on autonomous wandering 
and following humans during tonight's Circuit Hacking Monday so feel free 
to stop by and check out the bot's new duds. It may also Be-The-Hack just 
before tomorrow night's meeting.


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