[Noisebridge-discuss] Which can I trust more: TrueCrypt or OSXFileVault?

davidfine d at vidfine.com
Sat Feb 12 11:41:32 UTC 2011

 I like truecrypt- but its full disk encryption only works for windows
(same for the Decoy password trick I think). 

 Truecrypt is more trustworthy if your threat model includes the people who
would have access to backdoors in proprietary software. If those people
care about you, your weak link is OS X in general.  But hey, you might as
well use truecrypt, it's not that much extra work. 

 If you're concerned about this sort of thing what you really want is full
disk encryption because that  also protects you from tampering.
Unfortunately the only ones I know for mac (PGP, SOPHOS) are commercial
software again... Seagate FDE drives don't work on macs either... There's
gotta be some way to do it with open software....


 On Sat 12/02/11 12:18 AM , "Sai" sai at saizai.com sent:
 As context for my own needs (not meant as a restriction of the
 discussion), I've just acquired a Macbook Air to replace my dead MBP
 and the old Win7 I've been using in the interim.

 I will be using it in various contexts (e.g. at hacker conferences,
 crossing US borders, for business with high security needs, etc),
 entailing multiple possible threats. I'd like to ensure it's fairly
 well locked down just in case. I am not aware of any specific threats
 against me per se; I'd just like to be cautious.

 - Sai
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