[Noisebridge-discuss] lockers for noisebridge - big enough? funding?

Leif Ryge leif at synthesize.us
Thu Feb 17 06:31:23 UTC 2011

On 02/16/2011 05:48 PM, Rachel McConnell wrote:
> If people do not want to have lockers at NB, how about they say so and
> explain why.  It would be too bad if Patrick went to the trouble and
> expense to do-ocrify some lockers, and other people decided to turn them
> into giant robots.  Speak up now.  Tell us what you really think.
> Rachel
I don't think we should get lockers at Noisebridge, especially since I 
haven't heard very many people expressing a strong desire for them. If 
just a few people want to bring them into the space in hopes that demand 
will appear and/or they will replace member shelves: please, don't do 
that. If lots of people actually do want lockers, so be it, but I hope 
they'll consider this email first.

Reasons why I dnw to have lockers:

* Lockers foster a sense of security, and of the need for security, 
which I think is ill-fitting for Noisebridge. We should eschew false 
senses of security, rather than promoting them.

* They would be opaque, so, unlike member shelves, once they're all 
allocated it is not obvious which are actually being used. Plenty of 
people have lent of given up their member shelves upon request; that 
sort of friendly outcome seems much less likely with lockers.

* Patrick's proposal was that he buy them, and then he would be 
reimbursed by the people using them. Would they then be considered a 
donation by this group of first users? And, until they're all used at 
least, Patrick would be the NB locker czar?

Patrick, if I haven't yet convinced you not to buy lockers for NB, I 
would appreciate reading your answers to these two questions:
1. Assuming that you went forward with this plan, what would you do if 
someone puts a lock on a locker and doesn't tell or pay you?
2. What would you do if some wily hackers of economics want to buy 
multiple lockers that they aren't going to immediately use, in 
anticipation of their eventual scarcity?


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