[Noisebridge-discuss] lockers for noisebridge - big enough? funding?

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 10:07:19 UTC 2011

Okay, to clear a few things up:
* Our current shelves are full, with people (including myself) now using 
the floor as a "shelf"
* Many people are using up too much shelving space
* We have no more room for more shelves
* donating for the lockers is voluntary by individuals - the lockers add 
value to noisebridge and don't cost anything out of our bank account
* the lockers have the big air holes, so even then you get a choice of 
having people look in your locker or not - just cover up the air holes 
from the inside.
* The lockers are the same height (12") and depth (also 12") as our 
shelves.  The shelves are just one long space, with many people taking 
up an entire shelf whether they need it or not.

If we get lockers, we'll still have the shelves!  Which means people can 
continue to use the shelves by choice!  Also, if we don't need as many 
shelves, then we can repurpose some shelves for other uses, like more 
hackshelves, in the machine shop, or in the electronics lab.

And hey, Rubin, as for privacy in the shitters, i heard a rumor...


On 2/17/2011 1:55 AM, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Patrick Keys wrote, On 20110216 231514:
>> The lockers would be opaque.  I think everybody at Noisebridge values
>> their right of anonymity.  Not worrying about other people seeing what's
>> on your personal shelf or messing with it seems like a benefit.
> This is wrong on so many levels.
> Noisebridge is all over transparency. Our wiki is open for all to use
> and read, so is our mailing list. Other then the shitters, I feel we
> strive for no private spaces in the space.
> In all honesty, Noisebridge is not a storage facility and Noisebridge
> cannot and will not guaranty the security of items left in the space.
> This was a main discussion item at one of our first meetings at 83c.
> Member shelving is a place members can play things working in the space.
> It isn't a secure place for you to leave things of which you expect to
> still be there when you come back.
> If you're worried about making more space for people to keep crap at
> Noisebridge, wouldn't shelves be cheaper then lockers?

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