[Noisebridge-discuss] Gamedev skillshare?

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 02:01:33 UTC 2011

How is this idea progressing?  If we can expand the idea of this meet-up 
to encompass building social features into games, I believe this would 
be a very, very popular meet-up.  We might even be able to talk some 
big-time Zynga people into showing up.


On 2/12/2011 11:41 PM, singclarity wrote:
> Is anyone interested in starting a game development skill-share with me?
> Basically, I would like to have a meet-up at NB where people interested
> in game development exchange skill workshops or at least collaborate and
> critique others' games and game concepts. I feel like this has probably
> already been done, but nothing similar is currently on the wiki so I
> thought I might bring it up.
> Here's an introductory list of material we could work with:
> - introducing game design platforms to each other (steam,  unity, java,
> even RPG maker)
> - discussing innovation in gaming (3d bandwagon? kinect? xbox/ps3/ipad
> platform?)
> - marketing your game, whether its possible to even make money off this shit
> - perhaps have talks from SF game companies? No dont let this be a
> resume whoring session but whatever it'll probably happen
> - and seriously, just TALKING about cool new games. Stuff like 'have you
> heard of that cool indie game xyz' or 'for gods sake why is the 3DS so
> expensive' and 'episode 3 FFFFFUUUUUUU'.
> Sorry for the lack of seriousness. I do encourage serious, working
> professionals to come. While I am not currently employed in the video
> game industry, I will try to make it worth your while if you are.
> Lastly, I understand that there are probably other groups trying to
> accomplish this goal elsewhere in SF. If anyone has info about other
> places that do this (or at least collectives/orgs that are down) then
> that would help me, too.
> Thanks for reading,
> - singuclarity
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