[Noisebridge-discuss] Gamedev skillshare?

singuclarity have.fun.chosen.one at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 02:24:10 UTC 2011

I'm currently trying to set it up, but also trying to get my own gaming 
project off the ground, and trying not to fail out of college as well 
(that's on the backburner). The set-up i'm planning is to have the 
skill-share every two weeks alternately at Ace and Noisebridge (so 
monthly at each space) for perhaps three hours on Sunday.

I agree that having Zynga give a presentation or two would be pretty 
sweet. Generally i'm just trying to promote more intersectionality 
between gamers and gamedevs in san francisco. It would also be cool if 
the skill-share turned out to be legitimately fun, instead of being some 
sort of boardroom meeting or even worse, corporate infosession.

Another goal of mine is to promote indie games, and to show people that 
being an indie gamedev is now an accessible idea, with some pretty 
hi-tech and modern tools out there for even the less technically inclined.

However, the idea probably won't take off too soon. It'll probably take 
a month or so at least, because I want to visit and meet with the AMT 
people and check out their space. Also, I have a summer job lined up but 
its in Texas, so there's the lingering question of what would happen to 
the skill-share while i'm gone.

- Singuclarity

p.s. if people think its safe, i'll put out my number so people can 
contact me directly.

On 02/17/2011 06:01 PM, Patrick Keys wrote:
> How is this idea progressing?  If we can expand the idea of this meet-up
> to encompass building social features into games, I believe this would
> be a very, very popular meet-up.  We might even be able to talk some
> big-time Zynga people into showing up.
> Patrick
> On 2/12/2011 11:41 PM, singclarity wrote:
>> Is anyone interested in starting a game development skill-share with me?
>> Basically, I would like to have a meet-up at NB where people interested
>> in game development exchange skill workshops or at least collaborate and
>> critique others' games and game concepts. I feel like this has probably
>> already been done, but nothing similar is currently on the wiki so I
>> thought I might bring it up.
>> Here's an introductory list of material we could work with:
>> - introducing game design platforms to each other (steam,  unity, java,
>> even RPG maker)
>> - discussing innovation in gaming (3d bandwagon? kinect? xbox/ps3/ipad
>> platform?)
>> - marketing your game, whether its possible to even make money off this shit
>> - perhaps have talks from SF game companies? No dont let this be a
>> resume whoring session but whatever it'll probably happen
>> - and seriously, just TALKING about cool new games. Stuff like 'have you
>> heard of that cool indie game xyz' or 'for gods sake why is the 3DS so
>> expensive' and 'episode 3 FFFFFUUUUUUU'.
>> Sorry for the lack of seriousness. I do encourage serious, working
>> professionals to come. While I am not currently employed in the video
>> game industry, I will try to make it worth your while if you are.
>> Lastly, I understand that there are probably other groups trying to
>> accomplish this goal elsewhere in SF. If anyone has info about other
>> places that do this (or at least collectives/orgs that are down) then
>> that would help me, too.
>> Thanks for reading,
>> - singuclarity
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