[Noisebridge-discuss] Low cost, low resolution, large LCD displays?

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 03:30:33 UTC 2011

The issue with projectors really is the fan and required air-flow so the 
bulb doesn't burn out.  Projectors are great for presentations and light 
shows, but are otherwise a hassle.

I would throw in some money for a project to wire some flatpanels around 
the "Great Seal of Noisebridge".  Now that it's mounted on that 
sheetrock, we can easily wire all sorts of stuff behind it and around it.

How much for the parts to make some of these:


On 2/18/2011 7:58 PM, Jake wrote:
> actually projectors can beam onto the back of a screen, or even scuffed
> plexiglass or ground plate glass, and then people can walk in front of it
> just fine.  Also, projectors commonly run HID bulbs which require a
> start-up sequence, but can also use a halogen bulb, which can be turned on
> and off at will.  Depending on how large an image you want, and whether
> you have the space for a rear-projection, and how bright the image needs
> to be, this could certainly be done.
> and it would look like the star trek (original series) display screens.
> -jake
> rubin at starset.net wrote:
> Projectors require the space between it and the display surface to be
> unobstructed, thusly creating an 3d area for it to exist, which I don't
> want. I'd like to put this sort of setup in smaller spaces where you
> might pass by it, like a hallway or stairwell, or some such.
> Additionally projectors have more upkeep then a crap LCD, cannot stay on
> for long periods of time, for the most part require a fan to operate,
> and cannot instantaneously turn on/off.

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