[Noisebridge-discuss] common courtesy: logging into wiki / not editing user pages

Rigel Christian rigelc at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 00:05:28 UTC 2011

On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 11:55 PM, Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not so much interested in "fixing/changing Noisebridge" as I am
> interested in making it available for more people.  For example, the
> idea of lockers was to make room for more people and projects.

Was there some hidden tribe of proto-NBers lurking outside waiting
hopefully for the day that NB had lockers?

It seems very much like you have adopted this rhetorical argument
without actually checking to see if your suspicions about how to
empower people line up with peoples' own sense of empowerment. but of
course, that requires you to actually be interested in what other
people have to say, or their needs.

to wit, making repeated unsolicited sexual advances to people who have
already told you in no uncertain terms to fuck off is PROFOUNDLY
disempowering. Furthermore, in light of these type of incidents,
referring to someone's wife as a "hot chick" can not be charitably
dismissed as clumsily executed statements of admiration or good will.
They are clearly misogyny.

Lots of people are irritated by this. People are reputed to be
avoiding the space because of how not just non-excellent, but utterly
fucking BOGUS you are being to them. I have no firsthand knowledge of
them, being on the other side of the country, but i have no doubt they

These are all of a piece. They show a lack of interest in what other
people want, but only in what you can get from them. This is worse
than simple insensitivity.

> I very deeply take to heart Mitch's concept of "Everybody is welcome at
> Noisebridge".  Empowering people is something I feel very strongly
> about.  Sometimes it sounds like the tone from others, though, is "we've
> got enough people here already.  I've got mine so fuck it if there's
> room for anybody else."  Thinking that way is less than excellent.

You're not fooling anyone.

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